Yoga Is a Lifestyle, Not Just a Workout

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Marsha Austin

Marsha explains how a true yoga practice is not about "doing" yoga a couple times a week as a physical practice, but instead is a complete lifestyle. Yoga, as we practice it at The Yogi Life, is about how you see yourself and the world in each and every moment, the thoughts you think, the words you say, what you put into your body and your consciousness, and how awake you are. Yes, we practice a physical yoga asana sequence - as one tool of the many, simple, daily practices that Marsha shares. Listen as Marsha illuminates why the results so many seek from yoga: stress reduction, a more peaceful mind and heart, deeper spiritual connection to source, an energized, vibrant body, and greater joy and happiness, only truly come from a shift to living and being a yogi everywhere in your life, on and off your mat.


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