The Yogi Life Promise: Honest, Real, and Sometimes Raw: Tried and True Help from a Friend Who's Been There

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Marsha Austin

Marsha shares about how she chased after that one magic cure for her insecurities, stress, anxiety, negativity and doubt, and when she couldn't find it, how she numbed out to try to check out. When none of it worked, and after years of self-help books, workshops, yoga trainings, nutritional coaching, acupuncture, aromatherapy, affirmations, brain wave meditation, church, running, praying, you name it...she came to realize that no one person and no one thing could "cure" her. She began to realize that an intuitively created lifestyle, that started with mindset shift, and a deep commitment to healing, was the key to journeying well through life's inevitable ups and downs. She stopped seeking perfection and started practicing radical acceptance and self love. And she created a daily pallet of practical, simple ways to optimize her chances for ease, grace and happiness each day from beginning to end. This is how The Yogi Life was born. All of the practices have been time tested and Marsha promises you that everything offered by The Yogi Life is just like she is: honest, real and sometimes raw.

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