Yoga's physical aspect, the part most American's recognize and practice, is all about getting out of your head so that you can experience peace. So many of us are detached from our bodies, due to years of negative messages and marketing that have left us ashamed or even hateful or resentful of our physicality. But when you are in your head, you miss out on the full vibrancy of life.

Yoga movements, linked powerfully with conscious breathing, can rescue you from the thought world between your ears that causes so much suffering. Thinking isn't inherently bad, but when you are trapped in repetitive patterns, fueled by old, outdated, and sometimes completely untrue beliefs, your perception and experience life can be completely warped. Did you know that according to a Cleveland Clinic study, you have 60,000 thoughts a day, 95 percent of them the same as yesterday, and 80 percent of them negative? That's a staggering statistic. No wonder so many of us are running to get a drink, eat a comforting food, get online, put on our headphones, anything to drown out or numb that crazy voice in our head!

Through following a sequence of yoga postures, paying attention to your breath, and where you are looking, you can actually get beneath all the incessant chatter to a truth deeper than all your worries, judgements, comparisons and speculations.

The Yogi Life programs are for all levels of practitioner and give you options to progress as you practice. When you choose your program, you will select from beginner, intermediate and advanced options and your daily yoga program will be customized based on your fitness and experience level. All of the yoga poses can be modified to accommodate physical limitations or injury.  Absolutely anyone can do yoga asana!

The Ignite Your Life: Get Started Course introduces you to two daily yoga asana practices: one short sequence to do the minute you wake up in the morning, and a full yoga flow class to do later in the day for strength, flexibility, toning and de-stressing.