Ignite Your Life Week Four Journaling



Exercise 1:

Mirror Work. Stand in front of the mirror every morning and every night and say these words while looking straight into your own eyes: “I love you! I really, really love you!”

Exercise 2:

Every time you notice that you react to something that someone else has said or done, or forgotten to do, and it’s negative, say this mantra to yourself: I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I love my own company and I trust that the Universe brings me all that I need, and is for me in every moment.” (You can make up your own version using your own words.)

Exercise 3:

Whenever you experience a surprisingly challenging moment or circumstance, ask yourself “How is the Universe/God/Whatever You Believe being for me with this right now?” Let the answer come, or not come. Keep asking the question. Use curiosity as your medicine. As in, hmmmmm, this is interesting, instead of mof-ing, sunnombich, really? Really?

Exercise 4:

Write this down: The stupid, awful truth I used to believe, that’s really a complete fabrication on my part is (fill in the blank). The new truth I create right now is, I am (fill in the blank).


Add These Questions to Your Week 1 Practices:

  • Do I believe that my higher power is FOR me in all things?

  • Where do I lack faith in a higher power and/or expect the worst?

  • Write down what your day/week will look like if you come from a place of

    trusting that God is FOR you/is your biggest supporter/fan