Ignite Your Life Meditation



Most people do not want to meditate because they don’t think they have time, they don’t know how to do it, and they aren’t exactly sure what they’ll get out of it. All it takes is five minutes a day to make a huge difference in your ability to be more awake and clear in your observations of your life and decision making, to have the ability to creatively respond to your life instead of knee jerk reacting, and to begin to clear negative/depressive clouds from your space. Don’t worry about “doing it right.” There really is no such thing. At first you may feel like a crazy person. Good! You kind of are, and meditating will get your present to all the needless chatter and repetitive worries that you can dump out into your Journal so you can start to break up those habitual patterns. Did you know that research shows that we think the same 98 percent of thoughts every day and that 80 percent of those thoughts are negative?!

Simple Seated Meditation

Sit in a Chair, or Cross-legged on a cushion on the floor

You want your hips to be above your knees so that your feet and legs don’t fall asleep

Set a Timer to 5 Minutes

Close Your Eyes

Root Down Through Your Seat. Imagine dropping a golden brick to the center of the earth.

Walk Your Awareness up Your Spine. Lengthen and sit up tall and straight as you go.

Relax Your Shoulders

Relax Your Jaw and Face

Reach the Crown Of Your Head Up to the Sky. Imagine a funnel of light

Put your Attention on Your Breath.

Breathe In and Out Through Your Nose.

Bring Your Awareness to the Rings of Your Nostrils.

Listen To and Feel Your Breath.

Allow Thoughts to Move Through You. Don’t Let Them Hook You.

Notice When You React or Get Lost in Thought (This will happen a lot! It’s normal and ok!)

Come Back to Your Breath

Notice Sensations In Your Body and Any Place Your Breath Gets Stuck

Clear Those Places with Deeper Breathing

Repeat Until Time is Up!

Write down any insights in your Journal. Write down any repetitive thoughts, no matter how weird or strange they seem.