10 Reasons You Gotta Do This Now!

10. Despite your best intentions, soul wrenching prayers, and swearing to God that this time you're really gonna change, you've somehow always managed to drift back to your old habits, addictions and patterns. Your stuck, and you can't do this alone anymore.

9. It's no fun to go it alone, and having a down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is girlfriend like Marsha to say "I know, sister, I've been there, done that," is medicine that heals like nothing else.

8. Because doing the same thing you've been doing, over and over - and over! - again and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity. And we know you're not crazy. Maybe a hot mess right now and feeling cray, cray, but not crazy.

7. Having a specific plan with a a coach to guide you through it is your first step to getting in action.

6. Marsha doesn't let you off the hook. Her programs included weekly emails and inspirational videos you can watch over and over again, especially when you temptation or self-sabotage strikes and you feel like giving up.

5. The Yogi Life programs are created by a real-world living, all American, working girl who tested everything for years before creating the tools for you.

4. If Marsha could find a way to journey through her super busy, stressed out, unpredictable, wild ride of a life with greater peace, ease, and joy, beating self-destructive habits and behaviors along the way, you can too.

3. No one is going to do this for you, and breaking out of the status quo is no only scary and challenging - maybe even the toughest thing you've ever done - it's the ONLY way to freedom, and you know it.

2. The Yogi Life methods have been time tested and hundreds participants have seen RESULTS that shifted their lives. If you do the work, it works!

1. Now is the only moment you have to choose how you want to spend the one precious life you've been given and the infinitely valuable time and energy you have each day. Someday is a myth. You're ready now!